Collection: Play.Able (Children)

Play.Able aims to make play accessible to children of all abilities.
Our successful pilot project at Rainbow Centre, Margaret Drive, provided over 300 toys, resources, and interactive books for loan, fostering joyful and inclusive play experiences for over 60 families with children with special needs. While the pilot concluded in December 2023, we are actively seeking new opportunities to launch Play.Able in neighbourhoods with families with young children.

Since March 2024, we piloted Play.Able at Queenstown Public Library, to make play more accessible for all children, especially those with
special needs. Ultimately, we hope to foster a more inclusive society, both in
terms of accessibility and societal attitudes towards children with special

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Play.Able aims to:
a. Support special needs families especially those new on the caregiving journey with curated educational materials and resources that align with their child's developmental milestones;
b. Foster a safe, judgment-free space where children can connect and develop their social skills through engaging play opportunities with their peers;
c. Support parents with community bonding events and informative workshops (for those on our membership);
d. Provide employment opportunities within Play.Able for our parent community.

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We offer additional support to families with children on the waiting list/enrolled in EIPIC programs or MOE special education schools (over 2 years old). Through our Play.Able membership, we connect families with fun events, outings and workshops that foster community and learning.

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