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Play.Able is a pilot community play library to make play accessible to children with disabilities/special needs on a membership basis. We have over 300 toys and interactive books and folder tasks for loan.

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This pilot project is run by Be Kind SG and Friends of ASD Families, 2 volunteer-led groups, and supported by the Majurity Trust SG Strong Fund with the following aims:
a. Support special needs families especially those new on the caregiving journey with curated educational materials and resources that are complementary and supplementary resources for their child's developmental milestones;
b. Provide increased opportunities via a safe and non-judgmental space for children to play with their peers and develop their social skills;
c. Support caregivers with community bonding events and knowledge sharing workshops;
d. Provide employment
opportunities for caregivers at Play.Able

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Due to limited resources, Play.Able membership is only applicable to parents with children enrolled in/waiting for admission into EIPIC or enrolled in/graduated from MOE special education schools (above 2 years old).
Address: Glass House @ Rainbow Centre
501 Margaret Drive Singapore 149306

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