How We Started

We started as a ground-up movement in 2017 to shine the spotlight on often overlooked communities and champion the message of kindness. With a small group of volunteers, our inaugural volunteering activity was crafting birthday cards for patients in Ren Ci Hospital and subsequently arranging flower bouquets for the staff at the Institute of Mental Health. Through this journey, we uncovered more hidden communities, such as Moral Welfare Home, a destitute home, and other adult disability homes. We began to form long-term friendships with the residents living there and started our core befriending program 'Be A Special Friend'. Another flagship program, #CraftforGood, has attracted many volunteers from all walks of life. We craft festive cards and various handmade items, with the ultimate goal to connect our volunteers to our communities.

In 2020, when COVID-19 hit, we had to suspend all of our physical volunteering sessions and pivoted to virtual volunteering sessions via Zoom. We also recognized the need to shift the prevailing sentiment from fear to resilience, and were one of the first groups to acknowledge the dedication of healthcare workers in February 2020. At the peak of the pandemic, we met many 'invisible' needs on the ground, curating, coordinating and packing more than 10,000 care and activity packs for over 15 different non-profit organizations and community groups.

During the fourth quarter of 2021, we formalized our status by establishing our non-profit organization (Company Limited by Guarantee) under ACRA. This strategic move was aimed at enhancing our ability to cater to individuals with disabilities, encompassing intellectual disabilities and autism. Simultaneously, we initiated another 2 programs. They are Play.Able, a play and toy library for children with special needs and Seeds By Be Kind SG to work together with youths with special needs and their caregivers. Progressing forward, in March 2023, we registered as a charity under the Charities Act in Singapore.

Our vision is to create and inspire a kind and inclusive society for those with disabilities such as intellctual disabilities and autism. We are working towards the goal of having a non-profit centre to enable our special needs community to have full participation in life that includes play-based learning, workshops, life skill training, micro-business opportunities, social inclusion and leisure and sports. This space should be integrated into our neighbourhood so that volunteers and members of the public can get to understand our community better and for our community to contribute back to society.

Help us achieve our vision